Monday, June 29, 2015

The Third Box

America's greatest strength sometimes lies in its deepest secrets.

For instance, an organization of black ministers and centrist conservatives in Washington DC is one of the strongest and most influential activist think-tanks AGAINST  gun "control".

CURE  was organized by the eloquent and brainy Ms. Star Parker, who loves to quote the great ex-slave writer-orator Frederick Douglass:

"There are three boxes that guarantee ALL Americans their liberty...the ballot box, the jury box, and ammunition box !"

Parker and others in the video clip you find H E R E describe how the National Rifle Association (NRA) was established as a proof against the abuse and exploitation of freed blacks and for their protection.

My suspicion is that this is just one more TRUTH that the White House and its slavering toadies in the media would much rather not know. 

But sooner or later, a huge majority of Americans of all races and colors and former allegiances will have the scales lifted from their vision. If you hope for this epiphany and wish to hasten it, you might send the information herein to someone you respect. 

Some messages are more equal than others !