Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cindy's Story Wisconsin's Shame

Not enough people are aware of the rich, populist background with constitutional overtones that brought Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to the attention of  thoughtful Americans.

Walker ran a tight ship, required value for every penny which put him in the crosshairs of the teachers' union and some rogue bureaucrats. He won two elections in one year including a "recall" and defeated his radical left wing attackers in every court case they brought to unseat him. He picked up Democratic and independent support, leaving only the People's Republic of Madison out of his applauding circle.

But the most exciting and THE  MOST  UN-REPORTED events that occurred as "fallout" from Walker's victories, were the jackbooted, battering-ram, dog-killing rampages of radical minded municipal and county police doing  damage to persons and property in harassing conservative- leaning citizens who staunchly and  openly supported Gov. Walker.

Now, the nasty tale  is unfolding !  HERE in THIS story !

In the beginning, four families of  conservaives and Independents joined in telling their stories to National Review Online. At that time, they were all  "John Doe"  because they were frightened for their own safety. Now in the lawsuits against the marauders, one of the complainants, Cindy Archer,has chosen to drop anonymity and personally stare down the offenders in court. Shy with the knowledge that they were in the wrong, the out-of-control law officers have ducked and dodged accountability for several years. Now they face punishment for grave and unjust unconstitutional search and seizure in violation of  human rights guarded by the Constitution. 

It's just as well that it took this long to rip the masks off  these  barbarians. to the extent that the left wing-warped press follows Cindy Archer in court, ( and you shouldn't expect a whole lot) everybody will see what kind of   Wisconsin Scott Walker found when he was elected, how well he fulfilled his promises....And what Wisconsin is like now. We should all be as lucky as they are up there.

Our chapeaux are tipped to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and, as always, to the National Review.