Sunday, June 07, 2015

"As in a Storm, Darkly..."

Is it all right, today, to wonder what would happen if a "celebrity" clasped-to-bosom the ancient verity of the Mosaic Ten Commandments ?  What if a nonsectarian servant of the people of America called upon us all to return to the Platonic / Aristotelian Four Virtues: Courage, Prudence, Moderation and Justice ?

There is a distinct possibility that both the celebrity and the philosopher would be drummed out of relevancy in today's Zeitgeist.

The phalanx of 2015  "culture" that shouts for diversity and political correctness would find these two rabble-rousers to be (1) racist, (2) sexiest, (3) guilty of hate-speech and hate-crimes,and(4) clear and present danger to the precious sibteen "children of America".

And, going a bit farther, what bulk percentage of American citizens have even heard of--- or been schooled in--- the concept of "irtue" ?

Here the suggestion is offered that any effort by anyone to refocus society's attention on the failing moral exemplars is generally ---nay, DAILY---met with threats, scorn and blanket incendiarism by lockstepping zombies of the Ganja-Soaked  NEWTHINK>

A feisty, principled interrogator, one John Nance, has just asked "Where is the Shining City on a HILL" ???    GO HERE !

Indeed, this appellation for America made famous by Ronald Reagan is rarely sung by the choirs of truth and justice these days.

There are high schoolers who do not even know ( or care???) whom Ronald Reagan was.  Well, actually, it's fair to say that their malignant tutors have made sure that they probably have not heard of the Soviet Union OR the Cold War, for that matter.

"Wait a minute!!!" you say. "You can't be sure of that !!!"

Oh yes. anyone can be "sure of that".  Check it out with some 18-year-old voters and others less than that age.

You will be SHIOCKED .  Or, maybe not.....

At any rate, if you stir up the dull, stagnant, unquestioning minds, you, too  can become a hate-criminal, a hate-speaker... A Pariah !!!