Monday, August 15, 2016

Soft Target ?

Everybody knows that Dean Jonathan Swift is a hero of ours  because he set the standard for punitive satire with his "Modest Proposal" that the British gentry serve parboiled Irish infants at their  grand soirees.
So with  a bow to Swift, we  have a modest proposal of our own  for an activist group.
Horrified by the announcement by the neo-  anarchist group, Black Lives Matter,  that it plans a  full-throated shutdown of Graceland during the celebration of Elvis Presley week in Memphis,  our shredded heart and spirit were moved to search for alternatives to suggest to these courageous celebrants of life.  
We believe  we have found a venue worthy of these worthies'  attention.
That is, by coincidence of course, well prepared fertile fallow field where BLM can lay about and weigh in (to use some snarky mainstream media lingo) on the theme they undergird so eponymously.
Because just this past weekend, in less than three days, 52 black citizens were shot and nine black lives were  shattered and lost.
Here is a short version and more details... you may click on the name of the newspaper :

52 shot: Pace of gun violence in Chicago remains high over another weekend

Chicago Tribune ^ | August 15, 2016 | Chicago Tribune Staff
More than 50 people were shot over another violent weekend in Chicago, a level of violence that has marked many of the summer weekends this year and has pushed the total number of people shot in the city to more than 2,600. The number of people shot during all of last year was 2,988. Between Friday evening and early Monday morning, at least 52 were shot and nine of them were killed, according to police. The weekend before, 49 people were shot, nine of them fatally. And the weekend before that, 52 people were shot, seven of them fatally....

In the sacred words of  Al Capp's Li'l Abner..."Any fool can plainly see !"... that Chicago is NOT a place where black lives matter. It really does   need some creative demonstrating and protesting and singular indoctrination on the Windy City's SouthSide. Certainly the Godfather, Hizzonor D'Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not achieving much in the way of saving lives and creating serenity.
Things in general have mattered less and less for the past eight years during which Washington DC and specifically Pennsylvania Avenue have drawn a formerly successful community organizer's attention away from South Adams Street and surrounding environs.
Do you suppose the eminent BLM group can succeed in Cook County as they have since their inception ?
Well... They can take a stab at it. (OOPS ) 

I mean to say... time will tell.