Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Trump Trap Sprung ?

Any  old police reporter will tell you that no two witnesses to a crash or a felony in progress will tell the same story.

And though I am not convinced he will or should be nominated to vie for the US presidency. The Donald Trump stripped the lowlife arrogant media in this country naked to its soul  these past few days and rubbed their noses in "it".

Because I have two granddaughters in the New York City area, and because I knew people who lost friends in the 9 / 11  catastrophe, I couldn't understand why all these talking heads and newspaper youngsters were calling him a liar  when he pointed to the celebrating Muslims that I thought everybody remembered during the tailgate  bug-shuffle in Jersey City as  Twin Towers collapsed.

But I really believe Trump and his gang COUNTED on the dumb,biased, wrongheaded doofus media types to take their nastiest shot at him, as they had no recollection of the treacherous New Jersey IslamistIs' history of America hatred and planning of the first attack on the World Trade Center earlier.

There  was a lot of incredulity around on September 11, 2001. And some very sharp people, like Giuliani and Kerik, in Manhattan, were NOT surprised that there were Muslims left in the Jersey area to do anti-US  celebrating. In most sophisticated nations, that would have been no residuum of Islam in Jersey.

NEVER FORGET !!! The banners shouted. I have a special file on my root drive entitled "NEVER FORGET".

But a lot of folks just rather not preoccupy themselves with their nation's security, when it involves suspecting evil of  "neighbors".

Some neighbors! 

When highly placed "leaders" reassured us that "Islam is a religion of peace", my beloved Betts, made one of her  last prescient perusals: "Looks like they are makers of  PIECES to me."

So now, with the shamed and embarrassed big time media haggling over how many Jersey Muslims danced on the rooftops, we are presented by Breitbart of the new media with nine (9 !) points that seal Trump's  revenge over his attackers. 


Maybe I am just a romantic at heart, but I enjoy believing that like him or not, Donald Trump put one over on the juvenile drive-bys who like mules, have no yesterday's and no tomorrows.

But  Americans, who are all  "Heartland"  when they see the flag or hear the Anthem, have better memories than the illiterate pipsqueaks  who believe they control our destiny with their fears.

As we keep our eyes open and ears alert, we should enjoy---yes, and promote--- every pratfall of the clueless, panicked cockroaches.