Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Shovel On AGW Coffin

Isn't it hilarious the way you can never find a story about the defeat of a leftwing "push" or a UN boondoggle ?

Not really so funny when the fraud cost the nations of the earth upwards of $20 TRILLION and made idiots like Al Gore and some U.S. government "suthorities" multimillionaires.

I had to go and find my old compatriot Jack Kelley to get honest news about what happened at the Durban (S. Africa) UN / Climate / Kyoto follow-up global conclave.

I was particularly interested because Our Own Georgia Tech climate expert Dr. Judith Curry had just recently announced that she felt betrayed because all the so called "peer reviwed" expert testimony on warming was tainted by newspaper clips, spurious pamphlets and sub-graduate level unpublished "papers".

Also, a new batch of 1,00 emails from conspiring, manipulating "scientists" burst upon the scene.

Lord Monkton was proven spot on the money in HIS harsh skepticism and the UK backed out of supporting the Durban push.

Jack Kelley's eloquent obituary for the "Warmers" is HERE!

If we can make this stick; put a stake in the hearts of these insidious liars and their rodential followers, THAT will go a long way toward creating jobs where nonsensical luddite regulations are killing (and have killed) them.

Gore and his thieves, however will still enjoy their hundreds of millions-plus profits of shame.