Monday, November 24, 2014

Spark-ing Conversation

“Well they didn’t bite did they?!”
“Naw, and I thought sure some moron right-winger would lead the parade to impeach me!”
“Yeah... The martyrdom gig would have set the stage for your base to flanme out the whole US of A !”
“That Witch from Minnesota says they “choose not to engage”. What the hell does that mean?”
“I think it means you can wipe that mierde-munching grin off your face and DO something. You just dropped another three approval points!”
“Say whut ?...Do whut ?”
“Well how about firing somebody ? That will shake things up and give your fanny-smoochers  in the media a chance to swoon over your incisive “style”... It’s been a long time.”
“Well it’s got to be somebody responsible for following my plan precisely.... Some plan that has not worked out the way I dreamed it up.”
“I GOT it !”
“You got whut ?”
“HAGEL !  He’s followed your directions straight into collapse mode...AND, he’s a REPUBLICAN !!”
“Hmmmmm...You m,y HAVE something there, Val......”