Friday, February 17, 2012

Hokum at West Hoke

Michelle Obama holds no elected office. But her slavering Food Police are proliferating invasively .

With the sure knowledge that a five-year-old child is not likely to "rock the boat", these avid National Socislists are taking over the diets of many pre-schoolers and kindergarteners and directing them from their parents' prepared lunches to the GUBMINT cafeteria "for a fee".

In a North Carolna elementary School, (West Hoke) it is apparently routinefor "officials" to deny the children access to theirparent-prepared food and detour them to onsite lunchrooms.Click HERE!

This is another demonstration of creeping Tyrrany executed in the name of Nannyism.

Certainly there ARE children who do not get a full-spectrum of food=groups and vitamin-rich morsels in their lunhboxzes.

But confiscation and redirection is NOT an option.

Just as the family and student should have a choice in the site of theor schooling / education, they surely have a choice to eat bannas and peanut butter or salami and cheddar for lunch if that's what their PARENTS provide.

As an ancient observer, I remebr the Fascist attitude in Germany and Italy that "The People Do Not Know What's Best for Them!!! The Party-State Does!!!"

Oh, it's just a little thing; some say.

But I remember when....First they came for the teachers and professors, then they came for the children, then they came for the Catholics and Jews . Then they came for.....ME!"

Creepy and insatiably hungry is what it is...before anyone kows it, they're done.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Victory Keystone

It has bothered me for some time that no one has raised Hell about the President killing the Keystone Pipeline.

Designed to transport the monstrous motherlode of oil-bearing sands and shale from western Canada to refineries on our Gulf Coast, the pipeline was originally approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department. Studies revealed no significant environmental threats inherent.

Then, precipitously, seemingly peevishly, without any announced justification, the Obama Administration blocked the construction of the pipeline.

In a current TownHall column, John Ransom tallied that the pipeline would mean 10 MILLION new jopbs and $15 TRILLION injected into the eomomy. READ THIS

If I were King of The Universe, every speaker at CPAC and every candidate opposing a Democrat candidate for ANY office this year would demand an answer to this question:

Is this action deliberately AIMED at the destruction of America ?

Like, for instance the crippling takleover of General Mortors and the subsequent wild-eyed production of the VOLT, a vehicle that catches fire without warning and will not travel 25 miles on a "charge"?

Or releasing alien terrorists who threaten to reveal secrets about BATF gun-running ?

Or flooding "Occupy" thugs with federal support and money?

Not just an annoyed presidential candidate, but hundreds and thousands of very vocal citizens will be asking what is really afoot here ?

And..WHAT is the FINAL GOAL of left wing liberals and this president?

There's a pile of evidence that points toward betrayal.