Friday, February 17, 2012

Hokum at West Hoke

Michelle Obama holds no elected office. But her slavering Food Police are proliferating invasively .

With the sure knowledge that a five-year-old child is not likely to "rock the boat", these avid National Socislists are taking over the diets of many pre-schoolers and kindergarteners and directing them from their parents' prepared lunches to the GUBMINT cafeteria "for a fee".

In a North Carolna elementary School, (West Hoke) it is apparently routinefor "officials" to deny the children access to theirparent-prepared food and detour them to onsite lunchrooms.Click HERE!

This is another demonstration of creeping Tyrrany executed in the name of Nannyism.

Certainly there ARE children who do not get a full-spectrum of food=groups and vitamin-rich morsels in their lunhboxzes.

But confiscation and redirection is NOT an option.

Just as the family and student should have a choice in the site of theor schooling / education, they surely have a choice to eat bannas and peanut butter or salami and cheddar for lunch if that's what their PARENTS provide.

As an ancient observer, I remebr the Fascist attitude in Germany and Italy that "The People Do Not Know What's Best for Them!!! The Party-State Does!!!"

Oh, it's just a little thing; some say.

But I remember when....First they came for the teachers and professors, then they came for the children, then they came for the Catholics and Jews . Then they came for.....ME!"

Creepy and insatiably hungry is what it is...before anyone kows it, they're done.

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