Thursday, February 23, 2012

Same Old Same Old BO

This won't take long.

The outcry and backlash against what the Obama administration would have you believe is a "contraception" issue, and which the whorish media in lockstep lays at the feet of "Christians-Gone-Wild" has nothing to do with contraception in principle.

The solid bloc of opposition Obama uncovered with his "mandate" that everyone must have access to contraception, is a solid opposition to Tyrrany. We ALL became "Catholics".

Obama and his HHS secretary Sibelius have not iterated any policy or regulation that would contradict or restrict Muslim Sharia Law, now, have they ? Has any part or portion of Obama's power elite done anything to rustle the feathers of CAIR and other Muslim leaders?

No. Quite the opposite. This administration has constantly and (excuse the joke) religiously kissed the bums of Islam. Check it out.

Similarly, Obama has short-chanmged ALL of America in halting the XL Keystone oil poipline which would have delivered copious amounts of Canadian crude oil to refineries on the Gilf coast. SEE THIS

In THIS decision, he is pandering to his long-past disestablished "Greenies" who believe there are no sunspots and that man driving his auto is causing Global Warming, when sophisticated peer-reviewd science says THIS recent natural cycle of warming ended in 1997.

Voters later this year need to know that Obama and his sycophants in the Media are misleading them on these two important events.

Invading church strictures, whether it is Baotist, Mormon or Roman Catholic, is NOT the purview of the U.S. Commander-in-Chief. It presages National Socialist dictatorship.

And squeezing shut an avenue to more crude oil for America in the age of $5 gasoline and the $50,000 electric car that gets 25 miles a charge.. is...what?

"If it be Treason, make the most of it". (Patrick Henry, in 1773.


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Anonymous said...

Spot On ' Now he's gonna try and Fool , all the Latinos with his Immigration reform " I'll have another 5 and 1/2 years to work on that BS" I predict in one week
Sheriff Joe will release his cold case Possee report and Zero will be
"OUTED for the Fraud he is"--love kp