Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food Police II

You probably mostly laughed about the North Caolina school administrators in one "isolated" case of confiscating a salami sandwich and giving the child greasy McNNuggets in its stead.

But, if Obmacare stands as settled Law in the United States, and the sheeple bow down to EPIC committees deciding what meds and what treatment they may and may not have instead of physicians...then the stage is set.

There are bureaucrats just slavering at their mouths, with properly bated breath, just waiting to pounce on you and take away your Fritos and replace them with unsweetened oateal squares.

One right winger in Florida's legislature has already gotten into the act, introducing a bill that would diaallow, by statute, the exchanmge of food stamps for Oreos, Coca-Cola or any other such goodies.

They are just biding their time, awaiting Michelle Obama's GO! signal.

Time is "ripe". Washington has just about got the whole citizenry "conditioned" and timid.CLICK HERE!

You can stop this....ALL of this, by electing U.S. Senators and House members opposed to the intrusions of the Obamacare Health-Police-Death-Panels and the Food Police-in-Waiting.

It is going to take a whole lotta voting in November!

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