Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The global press missed another chance to change derogatory opinions held by Joe Sixpack and Georgia Spelvin on Wednesday when Israeli press announced the discovery and  confirmation-of-age of a scrap of papyrus.

There were Hebrew script characters on the papyrus that spoke about Jerusalem. They papyrus was critically dated by comparisons and by carbon-14 isotopic method to the seventh century B.C.E. (That's an anti-Jesus PeeCee construction for what what we fossils were taught was "B.C." 

What is so exciting to Jews and Christians is that this puts Jerusalem, and by extension, the Temple Mount, in  proprietary status for the Jews 1300 years before the visions and nightmares of Mohammed's  whisperings from the Angel.

The anchor for the continuing bloody conflict in the Middle East hinges on the claims by Islamic Palestinians that they have as much historic "right" to Jerusalem and the Temple 

Mount by right of "co-occupation".

The fact that the Jews were literate and recording their payment of taxes and acknowledging receipt of purchased goods more than 1200 years before  Mohammed was born  is more important than the fact that Mohammed was illiterate, and had to hire two Jews in 622 (A.D. / C.E.)  to keep accounts on his wife's caravans' activities.

If you want more particulars on this story, go H E R E

It is very probable that it will be at least 1300 more years before the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Washington Post or any of the "old" TV networks copy this story.  

They all are sycophants who kiss the ring of the United Nations' anti-Jew, anti-Christian  hierarchy.

We,  however, can rejoice that the retromingent beasts who are threatening all of civilization nowadays may burrow down into their individual Hells and devour their own entrails in frothing rag
e.... At the truth, finally made available to all the earth.