Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Malice Strikes Again

The Ass Press filed a story Tuesday, October 19, erroneously (as usual) reporting that Delaware U.S. Senatorial Candidate Christine O' Donnel did not know that the U.S. Constitution "separated church and state".

This was a lie. She simply questioned whether it is firmly settled constitutional intention to prevent prayers and religious history in schools, and in state and federal legislatures.

This is an historical debate that has been going on since 1802.

As a matter of fact, most citizens do not know that when the Supreme Court forbade prayer in school, it based its decision NOT on constitutional grounds, but on a letter President Thomas Jefferson wrote to some Baptists.

Here is a link to the Jefferson "Wall of Separation" letter:


Many Supreme Court Justices, Law scholars and historians believe that the main thrust of the constitutional amendment guaranteed freedom OF religion...NOT freedom FROM religion.

Any careful survey of the battles between Patrick Henry and James Madison will bear this out...as well as the measured approach by John Marshall as a legislator and as the Chief Justice "Sculptor of America".

That Jefferson had no hand in constructing our constitution, (he was in Paris) and that he repeatedly called for its replacement or complete revision every ten years at the least, are seminal facts that have been addressed in many biographies, most notably American Sphinx.

However this corner may be accused of impertinence for repeating these truths, it will be done every time the polluted, twisted, anti-American print and TV media misrepresent historical fact in vain attempt to hijack, stifle or twist-tangle the views of any patriotic conservative voice.