Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Divide

There is definitely a "division" in our nation and I think it has more to do with the extant capacity for 
reasoning  enjoyed by one group as opposed to the dearth of such capacity in the other.
One group is comfortable with the responsibilities apportioned by the United States Constitution to citizens including the responsibility as well as a right to own firearms.
Just as grave responsibility is required of those who have access to gasoline, kitchen matches and Bic lighters.
One group, identifying a person who guns down 49 innocent people will make a common sense judgment that ALL people who tend to do such horrific things, who have been indoctrinated--- programmed--- to do such things, should sought out and be brought to pay a price for their conspiratorial actions.
The other group straightaway and immediately decides that confiscating all guns from everyone is the only answer that will prevent another maniac from dancing through all the background checks and multiple FBI interviews to shed blood in the name of  a particular conspiratorial worldwide allegiance or deity.
I remember an instance (in 1990 ?) in the Bronx in New York City when a man who had been bounced out of an illegal party bar  returned to the location  (The Happy Land Club) where he padlocked the doors and torched  the place with two bits worth of gasoline and a couple of matches (or a Bic lighter, depending on which tabloid you read).
Eighty-seven (87)  people died in that blaze. The people he was mad at, his "Lady" and the bouncer, both survived.
He was sentenced to life though  charged with more than 100 "counts" of different degrees of murder. He even came up for parole one time. (No Chance.)
But nobody screamed for a ban on gasoline, fuel cans or matches and Bic lighters. The authorities focused on the crime and the criminal rather than his tools.
As this is written, much is being made of the fact that the crazed Islamic terrorist might have been, as most of his victims certainly were, homosexual.
Well, he might've been an Albino, or double-jointed or a Pygmy. But he was motivated by absolute deathly allegiance to the Caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. He was posthumously  embraced by ISIS , and imbued with Muslim martyrdom, as he had danced and applauded the diseased Islamic scum that killed nearly 3000 in the twin towers on September 11, 2000.
Confusing the blackness of these poor guttersnipes' hearts with the inanimate, non-sentient tools they pollute by touch will be the death of civilization, if someone somewhere does not collect and compact the will of people to say, as Florida's Gov. Rick Scott just said:
We've had enough. No more mad-crazy  displaced  strangers are welcome in our Home.