Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cry "Fascism"!!! ...(Or Sumpthin...)

Frst it was goofy New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg autocratically  banning the sale of "soda" carbonated drinks in the Big Apple.

Then it was Ms. Obama's  Calorie Cops, pushing kale and limp lettuce at Taco-toasting skool populations.

But now, in Massachusetts of all places, they have ( as all the left-wing and otherwise demented media types holler) CROSSED THE LINE !!!

In Worchester, public housing residents have been notified in a huge block-lettered missive that at least one person in a household must be either gainfully employed or be a full-time responsive student in a recognized learning facility, or...OR... Face expulsion from public housing!

Surely the author of this anti-Brave New World  threat will end up with chains and and anvils rusting on his extremities in the Charles River.

You may see the original story  H E R E !

This sort of  high-handed , ham-fisted treatment has been tried before by legislative giants  seeking to rid welfare rolls and public housing of drug addicts, dealers, loan sharks and sexual predators.

But usually some air-headed judge who has never read the Constitution or the first 10 amendments thereto, will step in and proclaim the sanctity of  anarchy, deviance  and perfidy pursued by  all citizens.

The idea that free housing is only for those people who go to school and / or work for their spending money, is almost as insurrectional and revolutionary as printing the truth in these Parlous days. 

We, who still practice the regimen, should all pray for the folks in Worcester --- that the housing official either recants or change jobs so he may live on, and that no one barters his next breath on any immediate compliance with the fiery do-or-die Dictum.