Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Easter Poetry

Easter Invitation

If this is your bunny time, don’t bother.
If you’re headed for the Avenue and a parade, go home.
And, the White House egg roll, you can avoid, also,
Along with the bellyache from those sickening lumps of sweetcheesy discoveries
In the grass and bushes of your pallid churchyard.

Do something simpler ..and fraught with pain:
Behold the tortured, Risen Son of Man and God
Bearing eternity for your quaking pleasure.

Go and see how HE tastes.


Easter and Passover, 21st Century

For all the world to see and hear, I stand
And cry into the wind... “What have we here?”

This just can not be so...
Passover Menorahs banned; A child denied a slogan about her Jesus, yet a witch
Applauded when she blasphemes, exhorts mayhem
And mischievously lies with cool malignant smile.

It could be a scene from Lewis Carroll: “Words mean whatever I say”
Or, yet a part from Dracula where bats morph into girls,
Suck blood, and sleep...

We may be doomed, but I will stay and fight.


candy said...

Thanks for you always wise blog! Love you and may you have a blessed Easter.

Love, Candy


Thank you =- ole wise sage you are-