Monday, April 18, 2011

Slime & Nasty Reign & Rule !

What am I to make of all these nasty scenes that seem to proliferate in my email inbox exponentially daily ?

This morning it was a video of a thirty-ish fellow with a two day growth of beard shouting :

“I wipe my Butt with the American flag...Dam yore Ol’ Glory...”

Yesterday, it was another overweight, thuggish male spewing four-letter filth at a pre-adolescent female child bathed in patriotic trance, reciting The Pledge.

And, just last week I was sent a video of our just-past speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives telling an audience that “elections should not matter so much...”

(If we were not ALLOWED elections, how much would they mean to this silly Twit ?)

In the “olden times” of 2000, most people were still civil, and Slick Willie and Monica cavorting in the Oval Office and Anteroom was major culture shock.

Now, hatred of America and death threats to military and office holders have been replaced by actual massacres of U.S. soldiers by a muslim Colonel-surgeon and assassination attempts on congresspersons by a constituent.

Television, which I no longer “consume” except for sports coverage, has so coarsened its content that it is actually toxic for family consumption. Also, untrustworthy, for the most part.

Where did all this come from ?

Though mainly sightless, I can still “read” recorded books. In just the past week, while the modern crudities of “regular” American experience in 2011 bombarded me, I read three books by three educators and “think-tank” surveyors of Our Scene.

Weight of their agreement was that, beginning in the late sixties and growing steadily to present days, a firm, well-planned deconstruction of the ethos of America’s beacon of freedom has taken place—even as Ronald Reagan intoned the brilliance of “the Shining City on the Hill”.

While parents and taxpayers dozed and legislators tended to their own aggrandizement and incestuous return to the slop trough, textbooks spread throughout the public school system, characterizing America’s founders as scheming, greedy connivers and the first 200 years of the nation’;s history as a panoply of imperial aggression and unprincipled greed.

Early “cleansing” of the Barbary pirates, establishment of freedom of the seas, the rescue of Europe in World War I and World War II are not taught. Repristination and democratization of Japan is not taught.

These are not just ignorant rowdies and thugs that despoil good citizens, abort freedom of speech and curse the flag, the constitution and traditional Judeo-Christian religion.

They are products of a plan of destruction well articulated by many intellectualoids in Bureaucracy, community-and-labor organizers and Academia.

And, right now, they are using tax revenues, grants, UN subsidies and mass media manipulation to their ends.

And, so far as I can see, they are winning their savage, evil battle, drowning our national civility, decency and fidelity.

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