Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It's MY Dead horse....

There are not many readers of this space who do not remember the Watergate hearings and the Tran-Contra drama on Capitol Hioll.

The consequence of the former was the resignation of a president. The latter brought about a slew of resignations and some serious reformation of loose-cannon diplomacy within the non-State Department executive "security" personnel.

Neither of these scandals were about U.S. government agents causing the death of other government agents.

But we have another blockbuster scandal on the near horizon about just such grisly stuff. It has been thickening for months. Now it is in full cry and fruition, with subpoenas flying and hearings beginning next Monday, June 13.

And the hearings, which will be lengthy, are happening for the same reason that the Watergate hearings were held...AND the Iran-Contra hearings were held:

Stonewalling. Obstruction of Justice.

Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have been trying to find out whether guns and ammunition illegally introduced into Mexico by the ATF to trace drug cartels brought about the death of a U.S. Border patrol officer last winter.. AND if the same arms and ammo brought down an enforcement helicopter two wweeks ago. Such rifles have been traced from the killing. Now its down to bullets.

Issa has announced his Oversight committee will issue "many" supboenas in upcoming weeks and, maybe months. A great many "whistleblowers" and internal informants have reportedly been uncovered by Issa's investigators.

The reason I am sketching it in this space is because the alphabet television outles and the left wing suppressors of truth news are not likely to bring it to anyone's attention.

There are plenty of details from The Hill RIGHT HERE .

Thank God for Brian Lamb and C-Span, we might have a seat at the hearings. If not, return to this space. It;s my favorite deceased nag and I am not finished beating on it.

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