Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Nobel Doofus

Explain this to me.

PLENTY of room in my "comments" area.

A Brit, Sir Paul Nurse, who won a Nobel Prize in medicine 10 years ago has suddenly become an expert on (1) "climate change" and (2) Fredom of Information laws.

These laws, which in the UK and the USA allow any citizen to petition for "release" of research data or hitherto "withheld" informatiion from government agencies.

Nurse says climate researchers are being "intimidated" by lowly subjects of Her Magesty, demanding to know the why and wherefore of every change and annotation made between the first draft of weather and climate rsearch and the final published version.

It is obvious to me that this common person / petitioner suspects that the same kind of kanoodling uncovered at East Anglia University is still going on.

Nobel Nurse says providing the subtext trail is "intimidating" .

Because ????

It would not intimidate a truth-teller, now, would it ?

And yet, Nurse intimates the FOI laws should be annulled, altered or ignored for the "comfort" of these alleged climate "scientists".

Either I do NOT get it...or I DO get iot and it nauseates me.

Maybe instead of revisiting the FOI laws,n someone might revisit Nurse's research in medicine. His "logic" would scare the Hell out of ME.

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