Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Inside Injustice

A fresh new look at the "Department of Injustice" by a former career U.S. lawyer, Christian Adams, reveals more than just that the Attorney General can't get his stories straight.

In THIS video interview, the attorney / author also reports that the entire section at DoJ tasked with enforcing U.S. election laws is festooned with OIbama posters and the windows blacked out with Obama bumper stickers.

There is a gem....a juicy dead civeaway in this video.

The now-free and private attorney divulges that the reason the DoJ would NOT press for conviction of union thugs who intimidate Ohio voters, physicall and vocally was :

"If we go public, Fox News Channel will make a big deal of it..." He cites email and saved written orders to that effect in his book "INjustice".

This chilling sentence validates what many of us have long suspected. The Obamacrats KNOW and feel scure that their bungvhole buddies at the NYSlimes, WaPo, AssPress and the alphabet network are not going to report ANYTHING negative about this administration. Just Fox News Channel reports ALL the news!

Well...that was true until just this week.

Both CBS and the LATimes have broken ranks and are FURIOIUSLY digging into AG Eric Holder's behavior and that of his "enforcement" minions.

If a special counsel is ever appointed, this running sore scandal will dwarf Watergate.

Good, innocent people dies as a result of these clowns' sinister spree.

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