Friday, October 07, 2011

Inchoate Occupation

TV talkinghead: "So, you are "OCCUPYING" the statue of Andrew Jackson on Horseback !"

Occupier: "I am ?"

TVT: "Yeah...that's him you're sitting on..."

OCK: "Oh...Is he SOMEBODY ???"

TVT: "Yeah, he was an Inidan killer, a president, and the first rabble-rousing Democrat-with-a-capital-D..."

OCK: Izzat so ?! Y' don' SAY !"

TVT: "Why are you here?"

OCK: "Whutcha mean ?"

TVT: " I mean what do you want ?"

OCK: "Nuthin..."

TVT: "Well what are you protesting?"

OCK: "I own no..."

TVT: "Say again..??"

OCK: "Say whut ?"

TVT: "What are you...I mean, why are you OCCUPYING"this place ? The Reason !???

OCK: "Oh...Hell, man...I dunno...They ain;t tole us yet... Uh..we hate Jews...Hey, man...I gotta go pee ?"

Cut and end of interview. And we have not even learned who paid him to "occupy".

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