Wednesday, March 23, 2011

U.K. Takes The Spotlight

Great Britain and the U.S.A, Sir Winston Churchill once famously said, are two fine nations with a special relationship "separated only by a common language".

On this Thursday late in March, 2011, more than "Pip-Pip...I SAY, Old Chap.." separates us.

Chsncellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, (equals our Treasury Secretary) in announcing his annual budget also announced what amounts to a $500 tax cut for 25 million middle class "rate payers".

Population of the U.K. is about 61 million, including children.

Two questions:

(1) How long will it be before an American Family has ANY tax relief at all ? On this same day, Washington announced the U.S. government is "No longer liquid".

(2) Why did you not hear this on yopur morning TV news ? it in the muller-wrapper ?

It's enough to say that somebody in Jolly Ole England is working on the problem instead of adding to it. Among other things, they are subtracting trash and waste from their Sovialized Medicine scheme. (Ours is JUST beginning to devour our nation worth.)

Oh...Wait ! There is another thing you will not read or hear about in our media.

The (U.K.) Express newspaper ran a "Think" piece that weighed our president on the balance scales of our history since we separated from Britain and found him weak, invisible, incompetent, contradictory and farcical.

"The weakest U.S. President in history" was the final coup-de-nasty.

Poor Jimmy C. Now he has NO claim to fame atall , historically.

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