Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mounting Evidence

Occassionally, despite the dread and despair attendant, it is proper that we isolate those moments and events that prove, beyond a doubt, that we are done for and doomed as a civilization.

Here is what the cretin James Cramer asked former U.S. House Speaker Newt Grigrich Wednesday during the CNBC depate.

Can a corporation be profitable and produce jobs at the same time ?

Now, read that agin. Let it sink in.

Even asked by an allegedly literate moderator in the city where two of the three auto companies are owned by the U.S. Government---and the other one is PROFITABLE---that is a a question only an unemployed Franz Kafka would find appealing.

This is enough evidence, along with the response of the audience, to conclude that we are, indeed, at the Big Conclusion.

No Help in sight. Unless every one of us mashes these faux-academes as we would any insect vermin just the wayt Gingrich did.

But, in a well-ordered, instructed, historically literate society, we should never even hear such a question this side of kindergarten.

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