Thursday, September 01, 2011

See Darrel Issa, Live, Stinging Eric

Just AFTER he shuffled and jived his personnel around, US Attorney General Eric Holder tried to make a conference call to Oversight committee investigating Congressman Darrel Issa in California.

Issa "declined" the call. He will meet with Holder when he gets back to the Beltway next week. Issa says he and Senator Chuck Grassley are sick of being "gamed" with blank and black pages in response to their subpooenas.

"This investigation is not over. We need facts. We have confidential third party testimony" Issa said. He added that that testimony involves people "higher up" who have not testified under oiath regarding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and its smuggling of guns to Mexican drug cartels that led to the death of an American Border guard, Brian Terry.

CLICK HERE for a live video of Congressman Issa.

It's good news that Issa and Grassley are not falling for the terpsichore of the DoJ. This Fast and Furious scandal is murkier and more deadly than anything in the previous century and revelations from it will serve to strengthen the U.S.A. and its borders in the long run.

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