Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All Con Men Lie (See Video !)

First, he said he never heard of Jon Gruber. "I just now heard about this..." is how he was quoted.

Then, someone dug up a 2006 video and story in which he mentioned consulting Professor Gruber.

Well, everyone has lost count now. This White House feeds on and regurgitates confusion and obfuscation. Rush Limbaugh, on Monday called the president "a common pathological  LIAR..."

This Blog has often referred to the "Flim-Flam Man", the "Con Artist", the "Three-Card Monte" dealer and the sleight-of-hand faker.

By this weekend, there will not be the blindest liberal who has not heard the evidence that the three ALPHABET   TV nets tried to suppress---to keep from U.S. citizens.

Now, Dr. Gruber tells abot his joining Obama to plan how to hide or lie "out of"  the  "Cadillac Tax" in Obamacare. SEE VIDEO HERE!

We KNOW it is bad "form" to say "Tolja So !" But Cato's Depot branded this whole national administration as poseurs and con liars before it  began its deepredations. It shrivels the soul to remember them athwart the white Greek colmns. But it's worse than we ever thought.

 And now there's no place to hide any more.

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