Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Caucus Carcass Profiile

The Congressional Black Caucuswas caucusing.

“Doing that “hands up don’t shoot” thang on the floor of the House went over like a lead elephant.” Complained one member.

“These Crackuhs jus’ don’t GIT it !” whined another.

 “Yeah ! Buncha ole white Kluxers don’ WANT to hear or see nuthinn !”

“But,” the senior member interposed, “that New Orleans Saints tight end ain’t no white Kluxer. He a kinda preacher !”

“And Charles Barkley, HE damn sho aint no white racist . He called us “scumbags”.

“Naw he didn’t ! He call them rioters “scumbags !”

“Same thang !”

“Well, see  what I’m saying is, we’ve got some repairs to make.”

“This ain’t the time to talk reparations....”

“Will you shut up, iggernunt ?”

“I GOT IT !” Another senior member said. “Mikey's  DADDY ! Here  is what we do............”

And that is how it happened that when Speaker John Boehner gaveled  the house to order for the next session , the Congressional Black Caucus Marched en masse into the chamber chanting:

“We gonna burn this bitch down..Down..Down !.... Gonna burn her black and flat...Oh yeah....!” 

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