Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wake up Frank and Sam...Their Law's Broken...

This is where I came in.

Are they changing reels yet ?

Where are Frank Church and Sam Ervin ?

They broke all records for hurry-up legislating, back in 1974 collecting a consensus in Congress to pass statutes making it illegal for ANYONE in the Untied States Federal Government to send out a clarion call for a list of enemies, or to collect such a list...OR to expunge one once it is / was collected.

Now we have the ward rat hustlers in the White House and the Chief Magistrate also, using the White House Internet Site (paid for by taxpayers) to recruit sneaks, snitches and tale bearers to spy on and , probably, defame ordinary citizens availing themselves of the protection of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I do not remember even Jimmy Carter or Lyndon Johnson doing this.

When Code Pinksters assailed George W, Bush with unfounded lies I do not believe his White House ever sought to take names and do dirt in return.

Even the Clintons' Craig Livingstone did not "recruit". Whatever computer files he had around were collected during political campaigns and NOT with taxpayer funds.

This may seem a smudge of smoke from a distant Native American's blanket signal right this moment .

But I have seen this show before. Put my slippers on. I'm outta here !

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