Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vast, Indeed

Among the many sentences this struggling scrivener wishes he had come up with is this description of an itenerant farmhand by Stanley Taylor:

"His mind was a vast and hollow cavern with small crannies of resolute ignorance...."

We were re-introduced to this phenomenon recently with the re-emergence of Janeane Garofalo giving America a glimpse of her wasteland.

Content of her dribble-babble is less important than the fact that a cable television network obstensibly attempting a commercial presentation of discussion would allow her a michrophone-platform.

My exposure to this hag was on YouTube. Like millions of cable watchers, I prefer even the Mississippi simpleton Shep Smith to the cellar dwelling molerat Ms. Garofalo was visiting.

What baffles people who think like me---indeed, people who THINK at at all, is how the ailing, failing media (and NBC eminently qualifies), continues to grimly clutch and cling to these suicidal practices.

Maybe like the people they hustle, they look forward to a "stimulus" or "bailout" from the new Socialist-collectivist theroriticians in Washington. It beats thinking and working, they opine.

But... wouldn't that be morphing Socialism into Fascism, just like Jonah Goldberg of the LATimes predicted, in his bestseller "LIBERAL FASCISM" ?

That's the only way these helium heads will get another gig, right ?

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