Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is the Law the Law ?

Frequently, posting here, it has been stressed that Islam is more correctly defined as a SYSTEM than as a "religion".

New and scary evidence erupts that this fact will sneak up and gnash---if not, indeed, CRUSH---some clueless, nice people in the very near future.

"It" can happen in the USA, you know. Look around.

Over in Pakistan, a very articulate and literate member of the "moderate" muslims being appeased by the new Pakistani Regime, on Saturday, Apeil 18, announced to the Appeasers and to the World, that Sharia Law will not allow him to "lay down or relinquish" his guns or those of his Taliban cohorts, no matter what Islamabad says.

Now what this means, my children, is that when the Hope and Change administration makes nice with the so-called "moderste Muslims" in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security,(Janet II), will disarm all the EXTREMIST RADICAL demobbed military veterans, under emergency unconstitutional "regulations" while the "nice, moderate Muslims" invoke Sharia Religious Law to keep their AK-47 cache (s).

Thus, the SYSYEM, under guise of religion, trumps Constitutional guarantees WITH constitutional guarantees.

Hey !!! Was that Alice and the Red Queen I just saw on stage ?

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