Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Vote For the Green Death & Kicking "A"

For some time now, I have suspected that the PeeCee virus and state socialism are cut from the same cloth.

An encroaching choking globbby fog of Nannyistic cold shoulder and tin ear to natural giggles, chuckles and simple sense of humor has accompanied the trend.

Everyone knows fascists, communists and similar doctrinaire totalitarian types are humorless.

As, a matter of fact, very serious historians believe the anti-statist jokes in Spain, Italy, the Soviet Union and East Germany to have been as important as western efforts in dismantling the dictators' yokes and chains.

Now we have, in the American state of Taxachuesetts, a prime example of the death dealing unsmiling joykillers of the stupidity so unaware of its own unlovliness.

A wittyu young man coaching a kiddies' soccer team of six-and-seven-year-olds in Quincy, nicknamed his charges The Green Death and, in an email to the parents, enthused that he expected them to consistently "KICK ASS!"

For that, he was forced to resign as coach of the Kinder Kickers.

Somewhere the ghost of Mark Twain, who lived his last days in New England, is sobbing...if not blubberiung.

A society that has lost its ability to relax and smile is already in the throes of death.

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