Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Old Media Flunked Math

They do not teach math in journalism schools...

If we take the 2008 election results, 53% of the adults agree with and believe in the mainstream media, the alphabet networks, Time and Newsweek.

Thirteen percent of the voters are black dependents on the Marxian Plantation, and half of them have no money at all. So, we subtract 7 from 53 and got 46 %. Then, we face facts that half the legal Hispanic population has no money, and are illiterate in English, so we subtract another 6% from 46 and get 40%.

Of that 40%, probably 10% were teens and near-teens who do not read ANYTHING but the labels on hip-hop CDs.

Now we are down to 30%.

Newspapers cannot survive with just three out of ten people buying the rags...and so there goes the Audit Bueau of Circulation rating and the advertising and the Sunday paper sells for $5 in a losing deal.

If the media bigwigs who have bashed Bush since 2003, had just "balanced" their approach to at least RECOGNIZE a solid 46% of the potential readership, they would not be dying.

But they're dead because they failed math.

I want to live long enough to see what a world without TIME, Newsweek, the New Yorker and the other socialist rags will be like.

When hatred of entrepreneurs, small businessmen, and gritty, empty envy of the successful, driven man and woman is gone or at least muted...TRUTH will stagger naked to the Dais and receive the Sceptre.

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