Friday, May 22, 2009

How's Yo' MANDATE, Kiddo ?

Despite the speed of the world wide web, the blogosphere, all the TV news channels and thousands of pseudo reporters underfoot, everyone appears to be asleep to my way of seeing it.

Neil Cavuto gave 'em all a shot in the head, as Milton Berle used to say, when he pointed out Friday that the Congress, the Media (such as it IS) and even the Hip White House is following a seven month old "Mandate".

I mean, what has the Populi VOXED lately ?

On April 15, somewhere between a half million and three quarters of a million people turned out to protest runamok spending and stratospheric taxes in cities (San Antonio and Atlanta, markedly) and hamlets (Lima and Lake Azu) all over America.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet (II) Napolitano warned of "dangerouus terrorist right wing extremists" and MSNBC yammerheads made nasty homophobic jokes. The president pretended he was "unaware".

Then, just this week---last Tuesday, the citizens of California (the most "Hip" of ALL states and the "Garde" than which there IS no more "Avant" --voted hugely, 66% to 30% (Two to One) against four large tax increase and spending propositioins.

So, are MY ganglia more raw than the average American? Is Neil Cavuto an alarmist, right wing extremist BOO!-boy ???

Or has the paradigm of the popular mandate shifted...and is it still hurtling ?

We will probably find out for certain on July 4, Independence Day.

And, September 11. Another painful day of memories for America-Lovers.

Do stay tuned for the mating call of the Mandate.

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