Thursday, June 04, 2009

My "Tolerance" Wager

It was certainly informative to hear the president speak at Cairo Thursday.

I obsessed on just one statement that was more grievous than just misleading.

It was a Lie.

He told the crowd and everyone that heard him that "Islam has a long history of Tolerance..."

Well, I did not have to look it up, but I did, in the Free Online Dictionary. But..Dean E. Heber Rece first taught it to me in 1943 at Emory University.

The word "Islam" in Arabic translates to "SUBMISSION" in English. And, according to the Prohet that is on the pain of Death. That is how the "religion" got its jump-start in 622 A.D. Submit or...adios !

So to ingratiate himself with Muslims, our president would try to lie to us and to the whole world.

Well, if this is some kind of poker game, I will see his "Tolerance" and raise him, one suicide bombing mission (say, 9-11 frinstance ?) and two beheadings, three fatal stonings and a cloakroom full of Burkhas and a chorus of mutilated teen girls.

That;s my bet and I believe I win the pot.

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