Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Prize for Neda...Next Year ?

When Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore were announced as Nobel Peace Prize laureates, I felt betrayed and a bit queasy in my entrails.

When Mother Teresa of Calcutta was honored with the award, I laughed and wept.

But when President Obama was announced as the 2009 choice, I just suspended belief. Then I went to the files and came up with the calculation that the nominations for this year’s “election” closed eight days after Obama was sworn in.

Who knew ?

Well, even though my favorite woman commentator on the passing scene, Peggy Noonan called this happenstance “absurd”, "wicked" and “mischievous”, I reserved the right to call it Nefarious Extortion” and “ Bill of Attainder Blackmail”.

Like Ms. Noonan, I am innured..yea, bored with the procession of vacuous “liberals” with whom the Nobel people are preoccupied. Carter hated Jews and built boxes for the poor to live in. Gore invented the internet and a new, false religion to scare hell out of ignorant people.

But every Nobel Peace laureate until now, has done something besides talk !

I cannot get the sight out of my soul of Neda Soltana, an Iranian lady who was brutally pummeled and then shot to death on June 20, this year by Ahmadinejad’s thugs in black for protesting against oppression and asking for a reassessment of the just-past election.

Her name, incidentally, translated from Persian (Farsi) means “Voice”.

I watched the video of her murder over and over again last June and July, especially on my 84th birthday a week after her shameful murder.

My first reaction to the Nobel announcement was “Why Not Neda ???”

But, of course, she had not “qualified” or been nominated last February.

That is Very, Very important to these people in Oslo, Norway.

Maybe (like the Dodgers in pre-World War II Brooklyn) or the Pittsburgh Pirates of today...

Maybe Next year for Neda ????

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