Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who's the Fooler ? Who the Foolee?

Everybody's repeated the Mark Twain saw about getting in a fight with someboy that buys ink by the barrel...and dodging anyone who does noy NEED ink.

But the stupid, MonkeyMedia, struggling in its devouring tarpit of leftwing ideology, has been burnt again by a slip of a girl named Hannah Giles.

Yesterday, all the lovers and defenders of A C O R N, the most UN-Excellent thing in America these days, reported that the ACORN office in Philadelphia had "kicked out" Hannah and her "pimp poseur", Jimmy Okeefe.

Not so fast there, boobs !

Andy Breitbart posted 42 minutes of video and audio Thursday evening that tells a different story. The muckraking duo had an extended meeting with ACORN people in the City of Brotherly Love office, lasting three quarters of an hour!

And, it ended very harmoniousy and graciously, contradicting the video account given by ACORN that was gleefully received, swallowed and endorsed by mouldy media..

Check out the latest Okeefe-Hannah Giles video-audio here:

Why do they try to outsmart Hannah and Jimmy?

My guess is that they're acting out the definition of derangement: Try the same thing again and again and again ...until it works!!.

But the odds are ALWAYS against "false witness"...Pathetic.

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