Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An American Reach

Mark Tuesday, November 3 on your calendar and reminder.

We will learn a lot about America’s Excellence, her Vigilance, her resilience and her ability to differentiate between watercress and raw meat.

There are three elections coming up, and I suspect their imminent concatenation is at least one reason for the president’s dithering on Afghanistan and other matters, even though he is more accomplished as a campaigner than a decision maker.

According to Scott Rasmussen’s New Jersey polling (of CERTAIN voters, not “breathers”), Democrat Jon Corzine is down at least three points to Republican Chris Christie, in the race for governor and a third “independent”, Cris Daggett, is fading fast. New Jersey votes caught on to the “Cris” name similarity “split-factor” pretty quick.

And another less well known poll has the margin at 4.8.

In Virginia’s gubernatorial contest, Rasmussen has Bob McDonnell, a conservative Republican, up 14 points over Democrat Creigh Deeds. That is a show of independents fleeing the party of the left for less turbulent policies and spending restraint.

Virginia is where the guru of political junkies, Dr. Larry Sabato lurks, and he has used the voters there to knell the hazards for the GOP...until now.

Most important, and most exciting of all is the race in the 23rd Congressional District of New York, where GOP party hacks have a liberal in a Halloween Fright-Mask (Dede Scozzaflava) running against old line Democrat Bill Owens.

Republican congressional campaign money has poured into Dede’s camp and she has just rested there, plopped, like a stone.

Until the past three weeks, that is.

Enter Rush Limbaugh. Enter Glenn Beck. Enter Fred Thompson, Dana Rohrbacher, and Sarah Palin, raising money and proclaiming endorsement.... NOT of Dede, though.

All political addicts know that New York has a “Conservative Line”, valid in all state elections.

And in the 23rd district, the Conservative candidate is longtime conservative activist Douglas Hoffman.

And Hoffman is on the receiving end of the thunderous movement of fiscal and social conservative principles that has energized millions of Americans since the August Town Halls and the Tea Parties that climaxed in the nation’s Capitol the second week in September.

Hoffman is being buoyed aloft by the same people, in and outside of the 23rd district, who have been reviled by frightened Democrat hacks and things...whose fervor has provoked a “War” on talk radio and on Fox News Channel, and an attempt to lock certain newsmen out of presidential news briefings.

Contestants in Virginia and New Jersey are prominently Republican or Democrat. Winners in these races will send “messages”.

But, if the most recent poll in Upper New York is anywhere close to the result...if Hoffman beats Dede Scozzaflava, then its shock therapy for the tired old GOP hangers-on.

And, were Hoffman, now with more campaign cash than both of the others, to beat the Democrat candidate Bill Owens and win the Senate seat ? With dollars and dimes from Tea Partiers nationwide ?

Why, that would mean the White House has lost TWO wars ! Maybe, three.

And even the most blind and biased media maggot would then understand the “uprising” is not partisan.

It is, totally, an American reach for Excellence.

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