Sunday, November 08, 2009

Idiotic PeeCee Now Deadly

Do you remember, as I do, the first bomb attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993 ?

It took a while, but finally Ramzi Youseff, a New Jersey Islamic "extremist" was fingered by law enforcement. He is serving time now.

But at the time, President William Jefferson Clinton did not identify it as terrorism, or visit the site, or make any commitment to sorting it out. His then-advisor, Dick Morris remembers the reaction as "low key".

What "goes" with these Democrat politicians? They see murderous terrorists as a law enforcement issue ?

President Barack Hussein Obama spent several minutes hailing a "medal of honor winner" who, incidentally, was NOT, before he murmured condolences for the slain and injured and warned all of us NOT to "jump to any conclusions..."

What are these guys smoking ? Do they inhale ?

A psychiatrist who jumps on a table and screams a DeathCall reserved for bloody Jihadists of the Muslim faith, "ALLAHU AKBAR !!!" after regalinmg his fellow soldiers with terrorist sympathies for years is NOT to be recognized by sane people as a terrorist slaughterer ?

Chris Wallace on Fox Sunday asked "Did Political Correctness cause the Fort Hood bloodbath? I have been sayinmg for years that PeeCee will destroy our society.

Even George Orwell could not bend that Islamic War Cry into Newspeak.

Michigan congressman Peter Hoekstra said Monday, November 8, that U.S. intelligence agencies KNEW this U.S. Army Major had been in contact with al Quaeda, but were "stonewalling his committee on details.

While the FBI and the CID are looking into this thing, will they have enough time to educate the Chief Magistrate ?

I'll wager that the fiery desire is there. In the task force I mean.

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