Friday, November 20, 2009

Will This Scandal Turn "Green" to a Big Red Blush ?

Bad week for the left wing liars and hypnotists....And Geithner hasn't been nailed...yet.

The really Big Bad news for the socialis looters is that some genius reportedly hacked into the computers at Hadley —(where the United Kingdom’s Climate Research Unit abides)—and found a treasure trove of hypocrisy, outright lying and falsification of scientific and historical data.

It reportedly included emails gloating over the death of John Daly a respected, effective and outspoken skeptic of man-caused climate change.

The ALLEGED evidence was fully aired in the columns of the Telegraph by a famous author-journalist James Delingpole. Go to

That these revelations exploded on the heels of the demise of the Copenhagen treaty and the announcement that President Obama is taking “Crap & Tax” legislation off the table is not surprising.

Obviously, the bit dogs at the center of the conspiracy gave all their tools a heads-up that ...well...the JIG was up, also.

Maybe we octogenarians, having long acquaintance with such skulduggery on a much smaller scale in Joisey and Chicago and Vegas tend to be all to ready with our “I-Told-You-So’s”.

My view that this scandal, if it fleshes out, will send many “degred” climate experts to jail, embarrass, if not destroy Al Gore, and put the brakes on a runaway UN-Third World cabal that has been using phony moral blackmail to conjure abject fealty from limpwristed international media sheep.

A rearrangement of perspectives by plain old Main Street Americans might even bring about some honesty in Washington D.C.

But, then, there are al lot of computers and emails THERE just ripe for hacking, Eh ??!!

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