Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trash Timidity...Build a FIRE !

Reflections on Homework...

Here is this wrinkling, withering octogenarian who paid a great deal of attention to the exploits of Ahmed Massoud, the Lion of the Valley of Five Lions when he coalesced the bloody tribal ethnic-enemies in Afghanistan to chase the Russian communist invaders home.

Although this charismatic leader was later assassinated just two days before “9-11" by Taliban and Al Quaeda conspirators, he is permanently revered by Afghans speaking every dialect of all three major languages with disparate tribal and ethnic loyalties.

All true Reagan lovers know all about this. So do readers of Ken Follett’s “Lying Down With Lions”—a great illumination of a pre-patriotic Afghanistan jelling into (almost) Nationhood as long as Massoud was alive.

But, since President Obama is everything except a Reaganite and since he has apparently not read Follett’s novel OR apparently, anything in Wikipedia about Massoud, Afghanistan, the rise of Taliban and the internecine conspiracies of the alien Arabian bin Laden and Taliban clerics...he made a rather off-handed speech before the cadets at the United States Army Military academy (which the president’s worshiper Chris Matthews (MSNBC) called “the enemy camp”) which will accomplish nothing good.

Hurriedly, in a pique of boredom that explained his seven months pf dithering Nero-like, the president–laid an egg–in showbiz lingo.

In essence he said that this (30,000 new troops) is NOT a “surge” and that he’s going to bring them back (what’s left) in a matter of months.

We are going to get the job done, he said.

And what is the job?

Pull out as soon as possible.

In 1979 and 1980, the Afghan anti-Russians were few and scattered and more interested in killing their historical; tribal enemies. They all agreed on only ONE thing: absolute institutional misogyny—oppression and suppression of women in the name of historical tradition and Islamic Sharia law.

Along came a deal with all disparate rebel “freedom fighters” and Reagan& Co. sent the surface-to-air missiles and rocket propelled grenade materiel to wipe out Russia Soviet helicopters Arms flowed from America through Pakistan to Massoud and his allies. By 1989, when the Soviet Union melted away under the weight of its soulless fraud, the Reds were back home in Russia and Afghanistan was its own nation.

That took a lot of guts and blood from a lot of martyrs. It opened a window.

Piecemeal lip service now ten years later, will serve no purpose but to feed the pustule of fascism inherent in attitudes and projections of Massoud’s murderers.

My prescription is that Camille Paglia and Sarah Palin fuse their dignified, logical and pragmatic feminism into a blazing force that will fuel an INFORMED uprising to educate, disrupt and destroy all appeasers of Talibanic liberty-hating, anti-feminism.

Maybe the scairdy-cat left-winger will wake up to that. Killing Taliban is good, mind you. Capturing bin Laden alive would be good, too.

But Massoud and Reagan and Maggie Thatcher—and Winston Churchill--- changed history by changing souls of the iniquitous, jaded appeasers in seats of Power.

Any Takers ?

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