Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excitements Loom Ahead...

Several excitements Loom !

Even though I personally believe the wrangling among Democrat lawmakers will go on until nearly summertime over the “healthcare” bill that must now be “reconciled”, I am still awed that the administration will hazard hurting nine tenths of the population while allegedly “guaranteeing” med “coverage” for one-tenth.

There will be other outrages to consider, however, so get some popcorn for the microwave and sit back.

Gerald Walpin’s suit to get his job back as inspector general of Americorps, is going to be the hottest ticket as the court records are enlarged and enlivened by further filings by Walpin and his attorneys.

Walpin caught Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson using Americorps federal grant money ($800,000) for unauthorized purposed and blew the whistle on him. Among other things, court filings show that Walpin caught Johnson, a former NBA star and a close friend of Michelle Obamas before he supported the president in 2008, was using federal money to pay personal slaveys who ran errands, took messages and washed his personal limousine.

In addition to this, Walpin ratted out the City University of New York University for mishandling and misapplication of chunks of federal grant money.

Americorps’ Board members had been rattled by their investigator’s findings, and shut off all communication, information and contact with him last Spring.

Then, President Obama’s “ethics Czar-counsel” called Walpin and gave him an hour to resign, then called him back in 40 minutes and fired him

Inspector General Reform Legislation of 2008, written and co-sponsored by then-Senator Obama REQUIRES a full report of reasons and a 30-day period for Congress to approve any such action.

It has always been that all Inspectors General are appointed only with the advice and consent of Congress, to protect ethical standards and fair employment.

That wasn’t done. The White House brushed off that detail with an accusation that Walpin (aged 76) was “confused and not coherent”.

Thus, age discrimination rears its formidable head in Walpin’s suit.

All he wants is his job back. He wants to jail thieves, evaders and offenders before he leaves his job. On his own terms.

This will be a “Doozy”. That 1920s term comes from the most beautiful car of those times, the Deusenberg, which appeared to be half a block long.

And the Walpin trial will NOT be abbreviated. His lawyers promise a continuing spate of “amended pleadings”.

Cap and Trade

Having put off the carbon valuation, limiting and swapping shell- game until after the Copenhagen farce, and the unexpected whistle blowing of an insider scientist at East Anglia University (the emails were not “hacked” but DELIVERED !), the U.S. Senate will tackle “Cap and Trade”.

Known by the cognoscenti on Capitol Hill as “the crap and tax thang” this legislative log-roll will strip bare all the fools and whores in the manmade global warming religion.

Hot Air Harbinger

A harbinger of sorts was sounded on Christmas Eve by one of the most unlikely realist-journalists in the United States, Alexander Cockburn.

Fired from his VillageVoice job for taking $10,000 in Arab oil money, and now at the ancient darker-thanpink The Nation magazine, Cockburn is an Israel Hater, and has recently attacked Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders as well as President Obama. Cockburn was critical of Bush and both his wars.

But he opines that Copenhagen is a farce begotten by the besotten. If some of his progressive followers actually investigate and then have another reason to subvert Obama from within ?

I am going to keep my earphones on.

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