Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shoot the Piano Player, Too !

(UPDATE! On Friday, Jan.1, 2010, the Transpotation Safety Administration, with craven embarrassment, WITHDREW the subpoenas reported in this post. Someone suffered brain flatulence, Obviously.)

Despite the plight and pleadings of the Honorable Gerald Walpin (see my immediately past posting) we still have some lively whistleblowers harrying and pestering the idiots and ditzoes in the Obama administration.

And that is a good thing, for ALL of us, because every time someone blows a whistle, the Obaminable go crazy half-cocked and try kill them—or at least shut them up.

The latest victims are two travel writers who innocently circulated a Transportation Safety Administration (Homeland Security) memo of immediate change in TSA search / scan rules and regulations that were promulgated and “leaked” to the two writers while the Detroit bomber’s hypo syringe was still warm.

DHS Big Sister Janet Napolitano was so INCENSED that her security attempt to close the barn door after the herd was loooooong gone, that she sent TSA “agents” fanning out to subpoena all travel agents who wrote about the memo.

“They took my Laptop”, one writer said. “I thought it was an announcement by TSA. It was just “there” in my inbox.

The other travel writer got an attorney and told the TSA “agents” to “fly-of”...or something like that.

What IS it with these Obamanatives. They don’t want to kill the messengers of bad news.

They have now started killing piano players.

And THIS is delicious...the memos they are so silly crazy about being “leaked” were prepared for public distribution ! (On dizzy Janet’s timetable.)

The phrase “Don’t kill the piano player...he’s doing his best” has been attributed to Mark Twain, but Oscar Wilde reported it from a Leadville, Colorado saloon on a visit to America in the 19th century.

“Don’t kill the messenger” goes back to Sophocles in the fourth century B.C., but was picked up by William Shakespeare for use in “Henry iv” and also in “Antony and Cleopatra”.

During the past year, in this administration, there has been a lot of it.

Tea Party protestors who actually ADDED UP and complained about the national deficit ($13 TRILLION); a slip of a girl and a video-wielding boy who exposed ACORN corruption in three cities; Fox News Channel (in general); Glenn Beck (specifically), and Rush Limbaugh —all these were “shot” by an uptight administration that could not pass the LOOK-SEE test.

Americans will probably wait forever if they expect an hones cleansing of the soul mea culpa from this crowd.

They seem Hell-bent on magnifying their lies, miscreances and screw-ups by loosing the hounds of pre-Hell on the heels, souls and freedoms of the Truth-Tattlers.

It is good for all of us that they do so.

This way, all of the shameful and scandalous tyrannical inner-angst of these monsters will be exposed in court documents—even if they holler “calf’s rope” and quash the trials at the last minute.

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