Monday, January 04, 2010

Janet Noncompetano, the UN-ProFiler...

Late Monday, a spokesperson for Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister announced to shocked news outlets that A YEAR AGO Britain's M I 5, intelligence authorities identified the Nigerian underwear bomber and warned that he was involved with radical muslim extremists, plaing him on THEIR watchlist.

Ladies and Gentlemenm, we are sitting ducks.

And it all flows from the same poisoned springwater.

To Homeland Security Big Sister Janet Noncompetano and to the President's White House, each of the words "profiling" and "terrorism" is a four letter word:

B U S H.

Janet began her federal bureaucratic career with a concerted effort to browbeat the Media into substituting the lengthy litany "Man Made Disaster" for "TERRORISM".

The whole administration has visited scorn on the CIA, returning terrorists to Yemen from which base they indoctrinated the Flight 235 would-be massacre artist.

The Obama administration intends to try confessed terrorists in ciovilian courts, treating them as "alleged felons" rather than assasins. There is an entire panoply---nay, a plethora---of "Make Nice and THEY Will not hurt us ".

An entire United States intelligence community has apparently been demoralized by these subversions and perversions.

For, profiling by race, society, extremist Gotterdamerrung nihilist philosophy is a primary implementation of spying and intelligence analysis.

But the United States does not DO profiling.

So, will Pee-Cee be the death of the nation ???

Political correctness shines a penumbra behind the shadows ofthe Fort Hood terrorist slaughterer, and now the tentacles of political correctness will save the savage Nigerian.

Attorney General Eric Holder plans to get him a lawyer and give him a civilian trial.

Profiling passengers is a must priority ,now. Pee Cee joins al Quaeda as a worst enemy of the U.S.A..

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