Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perversity IS Vulnerable...

There is a perversity that persists in this society that tends to restrict the free play of common sense and logic.

Small nuggets of truth are presented almost secretly by researchers, scientists and historians, and are constantly and willfully ignored, in really bad faith, by persons and institutions who boast that they are “Opinion Makers”.

Here are a few facts that have not been widely disseminated by any of the vaunted wire services or “journals of record” :

1. About 60 nations recognize English as their national language. The United States is NOT one of them.

2. More people may have voted in the presidential election in 2004, won by George W. Bush than voted in the 2008 election won by Barrack Hussein Obama. Until now, only "estimates"of 2008 have been available. Latest expert compilations show fewer voted than the enthusiatic talking heads claimed originally.

3. The most accurate opinion polls in the past six national elections query only “habitual and likely voters” , rather than “adults”. Screening for these “likely voters” is NOT based on whether they “plan” to vote, but on their dedication to voting in ALL elections, habitually.

4. Congress maintains the highest negative rating , compared with the executive (past or present) in ALL opinion polls.

5. News reporters rank below auto salesmen and telemarketers in all opinion polls.

6. In a recent UNSCIENTIFIC poll of readers, with nearly four million respondents, A USA Today / Gannet poll reported that 97% of those responding believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution “guarantees the right of an individual American to bear arms”.

That last one was not touted or spread widely by the AssPress, Reuters ----or even Gannett and USAToday. They were apparently poleaxed.

Which more or less begs my question.

If the media “powers that be” do not accept the population’s disagreement with distortions and prejudices so dear to the heart of the communication media, then who is doomed ?

The free public? Or the Liars?

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