Friday, September 11, 2009

Will They Swaller Themselves ?

The BIG scandal about the people at the National Endowment for Arts (and for the Humanities) is NOT that they “reassigned” Yosi Sargeant, who intimidated and hustled recipients of federal grants—instead of just firing the offending Obama appointee.

The horror is that you could only read about the corrective action on the Internet.

None of the alphabet networks and none of the “journals of record” reported the story. It WAS available here on E I A.

And, looky here ! It took TWO hidden-camera videos surfacing on successive days to attract any media attention to the scurrilous activity of the ACORN subsidizers of pimps and prostitutes and phony tax preparing money launderers in Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Sure, it is exciting to be part of the blogosphere that shakes things up and gets the truth on the information superhighway.

But the deepest, most fetid and rancid scandal in the United States is not the rapacity of the “progressives” like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid in congress. Nor is it the misleading jig-bob-and-weave of the White House TOTUS (None Dare Not Call it All A Lie !)

It is, as was the case in Watergate, the Cover Up that is worse than all the corruption, power overreaching and insidious assumption of unconstitutional powers.

But this time, Bob Woodward’s newspaper is NOT in the vanguard of the gadflies and scum-sifters. Woodward is gelded...silent. And the holy altar of investigative journalism has been usurped by the World Wide Web.

And the newspapers bleed and shrink. I am reminded of James Whitcomb Riley’s
Skwidgey-cum-Skwees” that “swaller themselves...”

Can;’t wait to see the AssPress perform that trick.

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