Thursday, September 17, 2009

Subverted By the Blind Pretenders

When I was in my second or third year at Emory, our Abnormal Psychology professor—and that is NOT necessarily ambivalent syntax—took us to the State Hospital for the Insane at Milledgeville, Georgia.

That was before all suspects were totally medicated or homeless.

We saw one man all bandaged up with blood soaking through the bandages. He was moaning unintelligibly. The attending psychiatrist told us they had found him with some broken glass sawing away at his genitals around midnight the night before.

The White House today provoked the stark memory of that mad man.

Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton just resign and make space for the senile jew hater who is now seeing things that are not there? He descends daily into puerile pusillanimity.

Carter is a natural for this administration, having emasculated himself long ago with the help of Zbigniew Brezhinski, who did not believe—and would not let Carter believe—that the Ayatollah Khomeini had won Iran, until long after he had arrived in Teheran from Paris and the Sha was gone. Check our ambassador there at the time, William Sullivan, in his memoir.

Now, the administration in Washington is “killing” the missile shield deployment in Poland and the Czech republic.

Left wing liberals have hated the Strategic Defense Initiative since the late Teddy Kennedy misnamed it “star wars”. That it is working efficiently, that Japan is very happy with its performance and promise means nothing at all to these haters of America.

Bent on some crackpot carnival mirror image of “revenge”, these people have:

(1) Renounced our close kinship with Israel, in place for 61 years of Democrat and GOP majorities and presidencies.

(2) Cozied up to statist and fascists, both in this hemisphere and the Mideast.

(3) Agreed to “talk” with Iran’s unbalanced leadership which has promised to “end America”

(4) Allowed the Homeland Security secretary to blunt and dull its mission and malign American citizens.

(5) Play sycophant to Vladimir Putin’s Russia instead of calling him on his slide into totalitarian rule. .Now, if that is not self-mutilation, then no man or nation has ever done it.

And the “alphabet” TV nets and the newspapers and wire services of record applaud.

They are pretending (In Peril, I fear) that the Mass Tea Party in the Capital did not occur.

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