Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey, Craven Crowley, Here's History 101

When Henry L. Stimson first served in a President’s cabinet, he dismissed espionage by famously and fatuously saying:

“Gentlemen do NOT read one another’s mail !”

In early 1917, President Woodrow Wilson was presented with an intercepted diplomatic message from German Kaiser Wilhelm to Mexico promising all of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California to our southern “Neighbor” if they would declare war on the United States and he pooh-poohed it until a friendly Mexican official confirmed its validity.

Sadly, this is the way we WANT to be in “peacetime”. But we have come a cropper every time we played Wishful Wonderland.

Military and diplomats argued about signals they were receiving from the Pacific the whole year of 1941, until the Empire of Japan struck Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Even in the months before September 11, 2001, while the Jihadist Murderers-Assassins were rambling over the countryside of the United States prepping for their Gotterdammerung Downtown, the knowledge that they were up to something was floating around, dismissed in counter-intelligence limbo.

All this history, which has been collected by men who were there---most elaborately by Allen Dulles in his “The Craft of Intelligence”—is apparently never taught in the Ivy League Bastions or, for that matter, in Congress or the State or Justice department.

Speaking to the press this week, in answer to the question of what is being don with the terrorists detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base, one of the Foggy Bottom’s “brightest, best” referred to these rapacious marauders as “Refugees”.

His name is Philip J. Crowley, and I want him to answer for it. I want Hillary Clinton to answer for it. Who was this moron trying to “please” ??

This attempt to lull everyone to sleep, treat people who would consummate Ahmadinejad’s Dream and bring down ALL of America as if they were mere scofflaw guilty of some minor disgusting misdemeanor in the Metro.

If we refuse to sit silently and allow Big Government to ram down or shove up a venal plan to dissolve and co opt 0ne-sixth of our economy—and we DO so refuse!—why do we accept docility in the face of this OTHER summons to serfdom ?

The school system may be lost to the indoctrinators temporarily. But history is irrevocable.

It is there to be learn from....or repeated.

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