Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shudda Seen It Comin'....

It was bound to happen.

You got a dumbaxe like Robert Gibbs as mouthpiece . You got a veep who can NOT think when his voice is noising. You got a chief of staff that makes Dickens' Fagin look like Tinkerbelle and a deputy chief of staff from George Soros' payroll.

Then you duck the press, vacation, hide, feint the media, stroke the anchors and pundits with sweet nothings and do not hold a press conference for 339 days.

That is a recipe...NO, a PRESCRIPTION for the ABYSS!!!

Richard Nixon never saw the day.

Hey! We have THREE big name Democrat woohoos saying the White House tried to BRIBE them to fiddle an election or a choice for high legislative office. Two of them are candidates. First, Andy Romanoff of Colorado accused Obama's deputy chief of staff, Bob Bauer of offering a cabinet position to him if he would withdraw from his Senate race. Now you have Joe Seestak who ended Sen. Arlen "Janus" Specter's political career last week claiming (three times) that "the white House" offered him a lucrative post not to run.

And, Gee, you gotta throw Blago in there. Disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagogevich has said he was importuned by the White House to name their choice to succeed Obama.

That;s a helluva Hat Trick, y' know ?
Sure beats Valerie Plame and Bob Novak for sausage. The hilarious tipoff is Stonewall Gibbs, telling his White Houise media mice that he was beyond the Beltway somewhere when those talks went on.

I can remember when Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein would have stretched this story out for at least a month. Michelle Malkin has it all in one column on

You didn't think Jim Carville was raising all that noise about the oil spill because it was threatening the Louisina town that gave him his last name, did you?
Naw...he was just switching shells, flashing cards...drawing attention away from what MAY be..... COULD be... grist for a Senate Trial.

Bribing folks to jimmy elections is a High Crime and much more serious than a "misdemeanor".

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