Friday, May 28, 2010

What is "Deniability" ???

Well, THAT'S differunt, Huh?

I mean, if it was William Jefferson Clinton who offered Joe Sestak a federal job and it ws a Non-Paying job in the Obama administration not to run against Senator Arlen Specter, that THAT makes everything Hunky-Dory. Right ?

What kind of "DENIABILITY" does that provide. These ex-Soros mouthpieces like Bob Bauer and ChicagoWay finaglers like Rahm Emanuel ?

They are just too subtle for me.

In the courtroom, or the Court of the Senate, the weight of archival legal deniability runs a helluva scale.

There is "technical" deniability. There is "relative" deniability. There is "personal" deniability. There is....

Well, how about TRANSPARENT deniability? That is what the president promised when he was orating with his teleprompters in the Campaign of '08.

Friday afternoon, all the discussions between the Sestak senatorial campaing in Pennsylvania and the White House were being sifted through; routed through, and filtered through Rep. Sestak's brother.

Would you wager that he does not even KNOW Slick Willie ?! (aka .Bubba).

We're talking a whole LOT of layers of deniability here folks.

Washington Post writers are rsuhing to whitewash it all.

And 35 years ago, Bob Wooward and Carl Bernstein stood against the whole of Creation to dig out the Slimy truth hbidden in the "deniability"of the many-faced and layered cover up of Watergate.

Where is the Hero of 2010 ?

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