Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tawdry Tattered Lies Tend to Fray And Unravel

We may not ever have this opportunity again to relay a scandalous meltdownin high places, so we exploit it.

We are aging swiftly, y'knw ?

Ed Lasky at the American Thinker (, my second favorite Blog, had an intersting scooop Saturday.

That job that ex-POTUS W.J. Clinton (aka Bubba,akaSlickWillie) offered Congressman Joe Sestak to retire from his senatorial bid against Arlen Specter, is a sort-of, kinda will-o-th'-wisp.

First, George Soros' ex-mouthpiece Bob Bauer, now deputy chief of staff in the White House and Counsel said it was an honorary job without remuneration.

Then the New York Times leaked that the job was a position on the President's Advisory Board on National Security and Intelligence.

Todays revelation, in Lasky's blog is that Rep. Sestak could not have been appointed to that board legally as long as he was a government employee: a Pennsylnavia congressman !

According to multiple surveyors of the federal statutes involved, that board is made up altogether of academics, trhink-tank members, authors, ex-diplomats and former spooks and NO government employees are eligible.

Our D.C. Beltway elite, upper echelon BRAINS just cannot get their stories straight.

But, they may be faced with that mission impossible before a Special Prosecutor.....Someday...Maybe after November ?

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