Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shining Pragmatic Path

"The difference between my two sons," the old winemaker confided, "is that when Aaron sees unhharvested grapes, he curses at the sky... But Bruno sees only the profit from raisins !"

And so it will probably be with the scurrilous  US  media conspiracy, when it learns that Russia has decided to work WITH America's ally coalition in Syria.

The confused and conflicted reporters and columnists of the fifth-column-Estate, which can't make up its fevered minds whether President Tump is a secret agent of Russia's Putin or a raging cowboy taking us to an Asian war. They  could learn much if they would just shut up and listen.

For instance, on Saturday, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign affairs boss, confided that the Kremlin would now be seeking ways to work with the United States and its allies in Syria, rather than in opposition. 

You may read the whole story reported by "Sundance"  in the Conservative Treehouse Last Resort.  HERE.

This is obviously the result of brilliant pragmatic gamesmanship by Pres. Donald J.Trump and his Secretary of State "T-Rex" Tillerson.

Incidentally, save Sundance and the Treehouse to your Favorites  They are GOLDEN.

Probably the most important thing other than getting the Gorsuch nomination through the Senate, was Trump's trade detente with China's XI, which led to China's abandonment of North Korea and the subsequent "failure" of North Korea's ballistic missile tests.

This playing out of power-chess gamesmanship is a performance absolutely foreign to and unimaginable to the adolescent vacuities of the immediately former administration. It's the sort of thing Reagan or Roosevelt or Churchill ore Thatcher would come up with.

In my small corner it will produce an unseemly display of mirth. 

R O F L M A O....

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Terry Cowley said...

Well said, I totally agree Bill